The International Author Hall of Fame

The International Authors Hall of Fame

The International Writers Hall of Fame

By Alphabetical A-Z Order

Updated 06/22/2016


  1. Abu Hamid Al Ghazali born 1058/1111, writer of 200 published works in Fiqh, Sufism and Tafseer (Published works in Arabic) (Nationality: Iranian/Persian)
  2. Alexandre Dumas born on 24 July 1802/died on December 5, 1970, writer 277 published works in French. (Nationality: French)
  3. Andrew Murray born 9 May 1828/Died 18 January 1917, writer of 240 published works in Christian Devotional Books (Published works in English) (Nationality: South Africa)
  4. Annie Shepherd Swan born in July 8,1859/Died on June 17, 1943, writer of 200 published works in English (Wrote novels, serials, other works of fiction &short stories) (British/Scottish)
  5. Enid Blyton born on 11 August 1897/Died on November 28,1968, writer of 600 (Published works in English).


  1. Dr. Badal W. Kariye,born, writer of 103 published Books and other 5912 Published works in arts, journalistic articles in media outlets and he published many of his works in many languages), Linguist, Journalist & Diplomat. He used around 7 pseudonyms (Nationality: Somali American)
  2. Barbara Cartland born on July 1901/Died on May 21, 2000 , writer of 720 published works in English (Holds the Guinness World Record for the most novels (23) written in a single year) (Nationality: British)


  1. Charles Garvice born on 24 August 1850/1 March 1920, writer of 150 published works in English. (Nationality: British)
  2. Charles Hamilton born on August 1876/Died on December 24, 1961, 1200 published works in English (Used around 20 pseudonyms) (Nationality: British)
  3. Chico Xavier born on April 2,1910/Died on June 30, 2002, writer of 450 published works in Portuguese (He is a Brazilian spiritist medium whose works are attributed to be psycographies written by spirits) (Nationality: Brazilian)
  4. Corín Tellado born on April 25, 1927/Died on April 11, 2009, writer of 400 published works in Spanish (Written over 4000 novellas) (Nationality: Spanish)


1. Darya Dontsova born on June 7, 1962/living, 140 published works in Russian, Journalist, Screen Writer (A bestselling Russian author of detective novels and kitchen books) (Nationality: Russian)


1. Edwy S. Brooks born 11 November 1889 /Died 2 December 1965, writer of 800 (Published works in English), Brooks published his first short story, in July 1907, when he was seventeen. (Nationality: British)



1. Georges Simenon born in on February 13, 1903/Died on September 4, 1921, writer of 500 published works in French. (Nationality: Belgian)


  1. Howard R. Garis born on April 25, 1873/Died on November 6, 1962, 500 published works in English (Member of the Stratemeyer Syndicate).(Nationality: American)


  1. Isaac Asimov born 2 January 1920/Died April 6, 1996, writer of 506 Published in 9 of the 10 Dewey Decimal System categories (Published works in English).(Nationality: Russian)


  1. Jacob Neusner born in 28 July 1932/living, writer of 950 published works in English. He was an American Academic Scholar in Judaism (Nationality: American)
  2. Jacob M. Appel born 21 February 1973/living, writer 200 published works (Published in English).(Nationality: American)
  3. Jallaludin Suyuti born 1445/Died 1505, writer of 700 (Published works in Arabic), Islamic Ideological Books, Fiqh, Sufism and Tafseer Works including a six volume Tafseer and a three volume tafseer. (Nationality: Egytian)
  4. John Creasey born on September 17, 1908/Died on June 9, 1973 published works in English (Used in More than 10 pseudonyms) (Nationality: Birtish)
  5. Józef Ignacy Kraszewski born on 28 February 1812/Died in 1887, writer of 350 published works in Polish (150 novellas & 200+ novels, publisher, journalist historian, scholar, painter, he wrote short stories, and art reviews 200+ novels and 150 novellas, short stories, and art reviews). (Nationality: Polish)


  1. Kathleen Lindsay born in 1903/Died in 1973, writer of 800 published works in English (Used in 11 pseudonyms) (Nationality: British)
  2. Dr. Krishna N. Sharma born on December 24, 1984/living, writer of 110 published works in English and Hindi. (He wrote books on music, health, medical,and literature. (Nationality: Indian)
  3. Kyokutei Bakin born on July 4, 1767/Died on December 1, 1884, writer of 470 published works in Japanese.(Nationality: Japanese)


  1. L. T. Meade born in 1854/Died in1914, writer of 300 published works in English.
  2. Lauran Paine born in February 25, 1916/Died/Died 2001, writer of 900 published works in English. (Nationality: American)
  3. Lope de Vega born on November 25,1562/Died on August 27, 1635, writer of 2200 published works in Spanish (Mostly in Playwright).(Nationality: Spanish)


  1. Meish Goldish born unknown/living, writer of 300 published works (Published works in English. (Nationality: American)
  2. Mihail Sadoveanu born on November 5, 1880/Died on October 19, 1961, writer of 120 published works in English (The count covers short story collections and novels) (Nationality: Romanian)
  3. Muhammad Muhiyyudin Ibn ul Arabi born 26 July 1165/Died 8 November 1240, writer of 240 published works (Published works in Arabic), Mystical Islamic Books e.g. A 7 volume Futuhat e Makkiya.
  4. Mohammad Al-Husayni Al-Shirazi born in 1928/Died in 2001, writer of 1061 published works in Arabic and Persian) (He made contributions in various fields ranging from jurisprudence and theology to politics, sociology economics, law, sand human rights). (Nationality: Iraq-Iranian)


  1. Nicolae Iorga born on 17 January 1871/Died on 27 November 1940, writer of 1300 published works in Romanian. He was a politician, historian, literary critic memoirist, poet and playwright (Nationality: Romanian)
  2. Noam Chomsky born on December 27, 1928 is an American Writer of 119 published books and other hundreds of published works, , linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, political activist and social critic (NationalityL American)
  3. Nora Roberts born on October 10, 1950/liviing, writer 200 published works in English (Used under 4 various names) (Nationality: American)



  1. Prentiss Ingraham born on 28 December 1843/Died on 16 August 1904, writer of 1000 published works in English, and he was a military confederate Colonel (Wrote around 600 novels and 400 novelettes ). (Nationality: American)
  2. Paul Little born in 1915/Died in 1987, writer of 700 published works in English (Used in many seudonyms) (Nationality: American)



  1. Rolf Kalmuczak born nn 17 April 1938/Died on 10 March 2007, writer of 2900 published works in German Used 100 pseudonyms)
  2. R. L. Stine born onOctober 8, 1943/living, writer of hundreds, The best-selling children’s author of all time as of 2004, Stine has written hundreds of children’s books, including the Goosebumps and Fear Street series. At one time he produced one book a month for each of those series. (Nationality: American)
  3. Ryoki Inoue born on July 22, 1946/living, writer of 1000 published works in Portuguese. He was a Brazilian surgeon turned pulp novel author, acknowledged by Guinness as world’s most prolific writer and a Brazilian surgeon turned pulp novel author, acknowledged by Guinness as world’s most prolific writer. He wrote almost a thousand novels in 6 years, under his own name or 39 pseudonyms.(Nationality: Brazilian)


  1. Surender Mohan Pathak born on19 February 19, 1940/living, writer of 250 published works in Hindi (He is known as a Grand Master of Hindi crime fiction. He has been writing for almost 50 years; his first short story being published in 1959 at the age of 19. He wrote over 250 novellas in crime fiction in India (Nationality: Indian)
  2. Ryoki Inoue born on July 22,1946/living, writer of 1000 published works in Portuguese (Wrote almost a thousand novels in 6 years, under his own name or 39 pseudonyms. Brazilian surgeon turned pulp novel author, acknowledged by Guinness as world’s most prolific writer


1. Terrance Dicks born 10 May 1935/living, 223 published works in English (Mainly Children’s books. Includes 75+ based on the television series Doctor Who, of which he was a former script editor) (Nationality: British)


1. Ursula Bloom born 1892/died 1984, writer of 470 published works (Published works in English) (Nationality: British)